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Creative Re-Visioning™ is an evolving art and Graphic Lion Media has coined and is constantly immersed in traditional and emerging creative concepts to bring the most impact to your clients and business.





A brand or Creative Re-visioning™ is so much more than a logo. A brand is all about perception, the customer or client's own thought or view of business product or service.

Graphic Design

We love graphic design and we love to create, we offer so much... where to start?

Web Design

We create marvelous websites... and all sorts of other fun digital stuff too.

Print and more

Yeah we do more cool stuff too, go to the top menu and click on Services to find out more.


Who we are?


Since 2001, our small but carefully crafted team have been helping clients to better communicate and resonate with their audience using creative, intelligent problem solving. We are a compact but multi-skilled agency; our tools are varied but our goal is always an end product that fits perfectly with the needs of our clients.

We can work with you as a strategic partner or within the parameters of your established strategies and guidelines. Either way we bring valuable insights and a fresh perspective.

With any and all businesses you should always have room to grow and improve. Here at Graphic Lion Media we set the bar high for ourselves to strive and exceed our previous business standards. Reaching 100% would mean there is no more room for improvement and for us there is always room for improvement.

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